Munter-Mule-Overhand (MMO)

This month we feature how to tie a Munter-Mule-Overhand (MMO) on a locking carabiner. The MMO can be used to tie off a haul bag or a belay. It's useful for fixing a rope, escaping a belay, or any other application that necessitates release under load.

Photo 1: Make two opposing loops as though you’re making a clove hitch.

Photo 2: Close the loops together like a book rather than sliding them next to each other like you would a clove hitch.

Photo 3: Clip your biner through where your finger is holding the hitch as shown in the photo.

Photo 4: The completed munter hitch on a biner.

Photo 5: Form a loop in the working end of the munter hitch. Make sure the side of the working end nearest the carabiner sits parallel to the standing end as shown.

Photo 6: Making the mule knot. Make a bight in the working end of the rope just beyond your new loop.

Photo 7: Pull the bight through the loop to form the mule knot.

Photo 8: Lengthen the loop to prepare forming the overhand knot.

Photo 9: Wrap the bight all the way around the back of the standing strand.

Photo 10: Tie the overhand in the opposite direction of the carabiner.

Photo 11: Complete the overhand knot.

Photo 12: The completed Munter-Mule Overhand (MMO).

Photo credit: Cat Coe