Kick Turn

While skinning uphill may never be as effortless as floating down cold smoke, it can be made pretty fluid and even enjoyable with good technique.  

Having raced on the ski-mountaineering circuit in the US and Europe for almost a decade, and Nordic raced even longer, I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade that can be helpful. 

While the bulk of our day is spent sliding on skins up untracked mountains, the seemingly short and quick act of a kick turn can make or break your experience. Poor technique will not only slow your ascent significantly, it will also shorten your powder laps as a sloppy kick turn will wear you out and quickly shorten your day.

Our videos detail some of the key aspects of making an effortless kick turn in any conditions. The key is in keeping your knees bent and your body upright and relaxed.

Photo credit: Lizzie Gill