Life on the Valley Floor

By Jeannie Wall

Life on the ground in Yosemite Valley is a love hate relationship. Camping options are few and far between unless you live on your phone constantly checking for cancellations in the Pines campgrounds. All the bouncing around makes it hard to prepare meals.

Bessie, my ’91 Westy van, is always pretty well stocked with organic kale and plenty of veggies for our training days. My micro freezer is typically stacked tightly with beet and veggie burgers. Typically, if I have time before I leave on these trips, I’ll make a bunch of sauces like tahini, chimichurri and baja to keep meals easy and break up the flavors of dining on sauteed broccoli, carrots and brussel sprouts most nights.

Photo credit (L to R): Cat Coe, Drew Smith, Linda Williamson

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